Why Sponsor GOOD 2015?

Why sponsor us? Open data intersects several key groups: engaged citizens, talented software developers, information technology and communications sector, academia, the non-profit sector and administrators and leaders from local, provincial and federal government. Our goal is to bring together people from these demographics from across the province … and interested people from across Canada.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your brand and its open data, big data and related service and product offerings to the key demographics in this rapidly growing space. It’s also an opportunity for local companies to participate in this community event. Come be one of over 300 participants on May 1st for the conference and May 2nd for the technical and community hackathon.

Platinum Sponsor

• Exhibit area with 6’ table
• Corporate handouts available for attendees
• Branding opportunities at the event such as label on luncheon packages
• Prominent logo on website and program as Platinum sponsor with link to your website
• Content support for corporate video and podcast
• 5 Complimentary registrations

Gold Sponsor

• Logo on website and program as Gold Sponsor with link to your website
• Corporate handout available for attendees
• 2 Complimentary registration

Silver Sponsor

• Logo on website and program as Silver Sponsor with link to your website
• 1 Complimentary registration

Community Sponsor

• Logo on website and program as Community Sponsor with link to your website

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